May 1, 2020



“True teachers use themselves as bridges over which they invite their students to cross; then, having facilitated their crossing, joyfully collapse, encouraging them to create bridges of their own.” — Nikos Kazantzakis

It is an accepted phenomenon that teachers play an important role in the lives of students. They have a profound impact on their minds and way of thinking. Education is one of the core components of the advancement of society. If the citizens are literate, only then they can contribute well in different segments of the community including science, arts, and technology, etc. So, here is an ultimate guide that how students follow teachers with valuable characteristics.

“The influence of teachers extends beyond the classroom, well into the future” — F. Sionil Jose

What makes a good teacher? I believe that teachers are a gift for the students that can make a long-lasting impression on their growth. Teachers set the environment of the classroom by understanding the learning behaviors of the students. It depends on the teacher to build criteria for the students according to their ability and designed curriculum. Similarly, teachers also provide opportunities to students for building new ideas by creating new activities in the classroom. Teachers with perceptive vision provide quality teaching and create effective opportunities to resolve cognitive conflicts. The designed curriculum with rationality to address the students in the classroom effectively and appropriately.

“A true teacher defends his students against his own personal influences.” – Amos Bronson Alcott

It is an interesting fact that the leading duty of the teacher is to create intellectual insight among the students along with technical skills. A sense of civic responsibilities and self-esteem should be developed for the progress of the ethical dimensions of the students. A teacher can also develop the global vision, wisdom, and astuteness for the enlightenment of skills. Besides this, trainings and workshops can also be conducted in schools for individual decision-making and management to facilitate learning. An efficacious teacher has the idea that how to assist students with the latest technology and advancement. The sharing knowledge also develops the research skills among the students instead of confines them in the four walls of the classroom.

I experienced that the teachers that are best for the students have universal peculiarities. Students remember those teachers who are honest and have a rapport with students. In addition to this, it also boosts their confidence and paves the way for the flourishing of creative and critical thinking. The responsible teachers are an asset to the school and are considered highly reliable and dependable. Teachers who maintain the quality of teaching standards gain more recognition and develop more practical teaching approaches.

I have the view that good teachers not only encourage students but also assure students that they believe in them. There were various teachers in school but my favorite was the English teacher of 7th Grade. She was very humble, energetic, and polite. She pronounced the English words which were easily understandable and teach us in a friendly environment. We attentively listened to her explanations without any boredom or idleness. We always feel confident and secure in her class as she maintained the collaborative learning environment. She was also fond of games and sports. She always advised managing time for study and play. Being a good speaker, she delivers thought-provoking speeches too on national events. She possessed the ability to teach all levels and ages.

“Good teachers know how to bring out the best in students.” — Charles Kuralt

We discovered the following key points which show an ultimate guide that how students follow teachers with valuable characteristics:

Kind personality of teachers: One of the significant features of the benevolent teacher is that they are kind and empathetic. Teachers also enable students to make powerful decisions and actions and thus students follow these teachers. A positive attitude also enables teachers to find solutions to difficulties by looking and focusing on the bright side. A person may possess different personalities but the kind and caring teachers are always appreciated by the students.

Goal-oriented learning: Good teachers set goals for the whole year and make it easier to accomplish individually as well as collectively. Experienced teachers have clear views regarding how to assist students and make their goals possible. Teachers boost the energy level of the students by making day to day short term goals. Better learning outcomes have been seen by motivating students and making decisive statements e.g., “today you will learn the first step of punctuality”. The best teachers plan their lectures and design lessons for the continuous improvement of the students.

Classroom management and discipline: Good teacher manages the classroom effectively by organizing and arranging learning materials. Certain classroom rules are necessary to follow for a better outcome and to cultivate orderly learning. It is compulsory to maintain norms for classroom behavior and follow the routine strictly for greater success. The disciplined environment by the teachers is also required for achieving the goals and deadlines. Both long term and short term goals can easily be achieved through well-structured planning in the classroom.

Capacity to develop a positive relationship: I believe that students follow teachers who develop a good relationship with the students. The trusted relationship between the students and teachers opens new doors to the continuous productive learning environment.

Compassion for students: Good teachers maintain their compassion for the students while teaching. Though students have different levels of knowledge and good teachers take it as a challenge to get through all situations. So, students follow those teachers too who are compassionate fo the students.

Role models for students: Normally teachers do not consider themselves as role models but they affecting the minds of the students. A role model is generally considered as a person who emboldens and boost others to live life with full energy and the potential. Students also learn commitment and dedication from the teachers. Moreover, teachers are life-changing role models and highly respectable personalities of the community students not only follow the paths of the teachers but also try to make their personalities like them. The duty of teachers is not only to teach but also to show affection and care.

Community building: The best teachers focus on building a supportive environment for the students and fosters a healthy relationship. The classroom comprises different students from sundry backgrounds and through community building they can share their experiences and feelings in a supportive way. Each individual of the classroom plays its assigned role. Apart from academics, the community-building environment helps students to emphasize on becoming a better and responsible citizen.

Confidence level: Students follow the teachers who help them in their leaning techniques. Competent teachers explain the ideas with relevant examples and proper logical explanations. It is only the confidence of teachers that generates new notions and reduces the stress in students

Inculcate growth mindset: Students follow teachers who aimed to develop their mindset persistently. A good teacher possesses the ability to inculcate the growth mindset among the students and to inspire them to ask more queries. The core idea behind this is to make them aware of their skills and expand their ideas.

Flexible way of teaching: The classroom environment should be flexible and enjoyable instead of stressful. The teachers must create a balance between learning and studying. The involvement of students in the class increases the level of learning and helps them in exploring new ideas. Flexible teaching maintains control over the children and guides them according to their abilities and interests. It also focuses on the continuous engagement and participation of the students as a result of which they follow their teachers.




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